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Restoring order to the internet.

The state of your data changes. Stay crypto agile.

Quantum computing looms, and existing security solutions can’t guarantee your data remains yours. Qrypt was established to protect and defend our collective privacy from exploitation, regardless of where the threat originates.

Founders, Kevin Chalker and Denis Mandich, hand-selected prodigious leaders from engineering, physics, and cryptography to create a new standard in security. Via strategic investments in cutting-edge quantum hardware companies and exclusive partnerships with premier global research institutes and U.S. national labs, we have built the only cryptographic solution capable of securing data indefinitely.

Qrypt’s quantum-secure encryption gives people the tools they need to immutably secure their data and their right to privacy. Through great partnerships and an unmatched team pedigree, we have built patented encryption methods and applications that allow everyone to reclaim their right to digital autonomy.

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Partnerships ensuring a quantum-secure future.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory logo
Industry: Science & Technology
Oak Ridge National Laboratory delivers scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs needed to realize solutions in energy and national security and provide economic benefit to the nation.
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Industry: Science & Technology
Los Alamos National Laboratory's mission is to solve national security challenges through simultaneous excellence.
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Industry: Science & Technology
PNNL advances the frontiers of knowledge, taking on some of the world’s greatest science and technology challenges.
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Industry: Media
The mission of QED-C is to enable and grow a robust commercial quantum-based industry and associated supply chain in the United States.
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Industry: Science & Technology
Located in Switzerland, EPFL is one of Europe’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan science and technology institutions.
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Industry: Technology
We are a passionate team of photonic engineers, quantum researchers and business leaders.
Industry: Cybersecurity & Encryption
With Vaultree’s first of its kind encryption solution, companies are able to process fully encrypted data without compromising performance. No need to be a cryptographer or change your tech stack.


Kevin Chalker headshot
Kevin Chalker headshot

As Founder & CEO of Qrypt, Kevin coordinates the company’s global business development efforts, build strategic partnerships, and maintains client relationships.

Kevin Chalker

Founder and CEO

Denis Mandich headshot
Denis Mandich headshot

As Co-Founder & CTO of Qrypt, Denis drives the technology roadmap and secures the global expertise to achieve the company vision.

Denis Mandich

Chief Technology Officer

Greg Colon headshot
Greg Colon headshot

As Chief Financial Officer of Qrypt, Greg oversees business planning, operations, and financial strategy.

Greg Colon

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Schnable headshot
Chris Schnable headshot

As the VP of Product for Qrypt, Chris formulates the product roadmap to address the world’s threats to privacy and security.

Chris Schnabel

VP Product

Bob’s role at Qrypt is leading the design, development, deployment and operation of the secure, highly-available, and scalable Qrypt cloud to deliver advanced cryptography solutions based on distributed entropy, impervious to even quantum-based attacks.<br /> <br /> Prior to joining Qrypt, Bob spent over 20 years at Cisco, most recently as Senior Director of Software Development. He held a number of engineering leadership positions in the Cloud Collaboration Applications Technology Group, including Head of Webex Engineering.

Bob Ryan

VP of Software Engineering

Yevgeniy Dodis headshot
Yevgeniy Dodis headshot

Yevgeniy Dodis is the Qrypt Chief Cryptographer driving all software and algorithm development to ensure the highest level of security and academic transparency.

Yevgeniy Dodis

Chief Cryptographer


Help the world reclaim its right to digital autonomy.