Boost Your Cybersecurity Offerings with Quantum-Secure Technology

Expand Your Market Reach and Secure Your Customer's Future Easily
Qrypt specializes in mitigating the harvest now and decrypt later quantum threat. Our technology, designed for seamless integration, empowers you to readily provide quantum-secure solutions, elevating your services while mitigating quantum risks for your customers.
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Advanced Cybersecurity: Your Competitive Edge
Stand Out with Advanced Cybersecurity
Be at the forefront of cybersecurity by offering your customers a shield against the emerging quantum threat.
Deliver Exceptional Value
Quantum-secure solutions provide immense value to your customers, allowing for a potential increase in your service pricing.
Improve Customer Retention
Demonstrate your commitment to protecting your customers' security in a quantum future, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Access New Markets
Expand your services to industries with sensitive data and strict regulatory requirements that are starting to demand quantum-secure solutions.
Seamless Integration
Elevate Your Solutions with Minimum Disruption
Qrypt's quantum-secure technology offers flexible integration through REST APIs and containerization. Incorporate our cutting-edge technology effortlessly into your existing solutions.
Low Implementation Cost and Complexity
With a keen focus on ease of use, Qrypt delivers quantum-secure technology with reduced implementation costs and minimal complexity. Enhancing your cybersecurity portfolio has never been so accessible and straightforward.
Minimal Infrastructure Changes
Qrypt's solutions integrate smoothly with your existing infrastructure, minimizing disruption and streamlining the implementation process. Our technology is designed to complement your current operations, not complicate them.
Ready to Quantum-Secure Your Solutions?
Reach out to our team for guidance through the integration process and prepare your solutions for a quantum future.
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Qrypt Products -
Your Quantum Security Toolkit
Effortless Integration with Your Existing Services
Streams true randomness for cryptographic operations using quantum mechanics
  • Secure cryptographic keys
  • Eliminate entropy starvation in highly scalable systems
  • Random number generation for statistical simulations
  • Seeding Monte Carlo simulations
  • Bootstrapping statistical analysis
  • Synthetic data for AI and ML
  • RESTful web service
  • Quantum Entropy product page
  • Quick Start (docs)
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Key Generation
Independently generate identical keys at multiple endpoints
  • Quantum-secure transfer of secrets, keys, and credentials
  • Quantum-secure multi-cloud and hybrid-cloud traffic
  • Protect PII permanently
  • Reduce crypto-agility costs and risk
  • Qrypt SDK for C++ includes client library SDKs, cloud-based REST services, command line clients and guidance
  • Quantum-Secure Key Generation product page
  • Key Generation Quick Start
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Secure Tunnel
Permanently secure data using a containerized post-quantum cryptography solution
  • Secure data transmissions between containerized applications and services
  • Send critical data through a quantum secure tunnel
  • Easy to retrofit existing products and solutions with quantum security
  • Add before SDWAN router to quantum-secure transmissions on existing hardware
  • Envoy HTTP filter
  • Docker image is available on Docker Hub
  • Quantum Secure Tunnel on GitHub
  • Quantum Secure Tunnel Quickstart (requires free account)
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Megaport and Qrypt join forces to fortify network security against quantum threats. With Qrypt's quantum-secure solutions, Megaport's NaaS provides unrivaled protection, seamlessly integrating into your current processes.
Qrypt and Vaultree synergize to deliver unrivaled data security and performance using homomorphic encryption. Our quantum-secure technology ensures seamless, ultra-fast processing of encrypted data, preparing your infrastructure for a quantum future.
Qrypt's integration with Mattermost offers superior messaging security against quantum threats. Our plug-in ensures secure communications without compromising user experience, providing top-tier protection now and in the future.
Qrypt's Quantum Entropy integration for HashiCorp Vault delivers unassailable quantum security for your critical data. Providing high-output Quantum Entropy, we ensure robust key generation and secure encryption, making your data resilient against quantum threats.
Marketing and Sales Support
Co-Marketing Opportunity
Qrypt offers partners access to our extensive knowledge on quantum risk and the threat to privacy and data, Qrypt’s technology, and access to our experts. We're committed to helping partners position the value proposition of quantum-secure solutions to their end customers, providing subject matter expertise and support for their outbound marketing campaigns.
Sales Support
Qrypt provides partners with sales training, technical resources, and dedicated account management to ensure a successful sales process and smooth customer onboarding.