Qrypt SDK

Intelligence-grade security that can be integrated to applications and infrastructure to keep any data at rest or in motion private.

Encrypt once. Always Protected.

Data at Rest

For stored data, we combine Entropy and Key Generation services, based on our intelligence-grade BLAST algorithm, for organizations to secure important files and valuable information.

Technology Combination
BLAST Algorithm
Data in Motion

Kinetic data demands additional layers of privacy protection: we combine our Entropy and Key Generation services with a Double Ratchet protocol to enable invulnerable data transmission.

Technology Combination
BLAST Algorithm
Post-Quantum Cryptography
Double Ratchet Key Rotation

The most powerful quantum-secure tech available.

True Random

Random binary digits are extracted from unpredictable quantum measurements to use as seeds, resulting in stronger keys.

Simple Deployment

Developers can download and include the Qrypt SDK to increase the security of their applications and infrastructure.

Always Protected

Eavesdroppers will never see your encryption keys on the wire. You won’t need to update your encryption, even if a NIST PQC algorithm is compromised.

Relevant Today and Tomorrow

Qrypt technology is anti-obsolescent, meaning you can replace your existing modern security framework and stay future-proofed for quantum computing without any upgrades or changes.

Radically Private

Our protocol ensures that not even Qrypt can reproduce your encryption keys or data. We design our systems to minimize the data we keep.

Globally Accessible

No dedicated hardware is needed. We provide geo-diverse endpoints accessible by REST APIs, to ensure increased security and redundancy.


Get security without an expiration date.