Yevgeniy Dodis

Chief Cryptographer
Yevgeniy Dodis headshot
2019 IACR Test-of-Time Awards
National Science Foundation CAREER Award
Faculty Awards from Facebook, Google, IBM and VMware
150 scientific publications
Program co-Chair for the 2022 CRYPTO and 2015 Theory of Cryptography Conference
Editor of Journal of Cryptology (2012-2019)
Program committees of many international conferences (including FOCS, STOC, CRYPTO and Eurocrypt)
New York University, BS


Yevgeniy Dodis is the Qrypt Chief Cryptographer driving all software and algorithm development to ensure the highest level of security and academic transparency. He is a Fellow of the IACR (International Association for Cryptologic Research), and a full Professor of Computer Science at New York University.

Dr. Dodis' research is primarily in cryptography and network security.
He worked in random number generation, secure messaging, leakage-resilient cryptography, cryptography under weak randomness, cryptography with biometrics and other noisy data, hash function and block cipher design, protocol composition and
information-theoretic cryptography.