Quantum-Secure Key Generation

Independently generate identical keys at multiple endpoints

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Encryption keys and data are being captured today.

Encrypted data will be exposed when an algorithm fails; whether due to a quantum computer or not.

Use Cases

Secure transfer of secrets, keys, and credentials

Protect connectivity of services that send and receive secrets from key management systems to secure your most critical data.

Secure multicloud and hybrid cloud traffic

Sending data between cloud environments, networks, or regions? Ensure that your most sensitive data is protected from a man-in-the-middle attack.

Protect intellectual property

Whether transferring data to factories abroad or just between remote offices and cold storage, protect your enduring intellectual property.

Protecting keys = protecting data

Whenever you’re moving data, quantum securing your keys immediately enhances data security.

Protect PII permanently

DNA data and other personal information have a value that needs to live beyond when quantum computers break RSA and PQC encryption. Save your data's value now.

Reduce crypto-agility costs and risk

When RSA, PQC, or any algorithm fails, your captured data is exposed. Protect important data once and for all.


Simple Integration

4-lines of code gets you quantum-secure key generation at multiple locations without transmission.

Long Term Security Now

Break free from the ongoing risk, reinvest, and redeploy cycle of crypto agility. Leverage your existing investments, and eliminate key transmission in your most important use cases.

Exceed Federal NIST Mandates

Eliminating key transmission in addition to completing transition to PQC algorithms increases security.

Overcome Limitations of QKD

Enable quantum key generation without the cost, point-to-point, and distance limitations associated with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD).


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