Roger Biscay



Roger Biscay is Senior Vice President, Corporate Treasurer and Head of Global Corporate Security. In these capacities he maintains global responsibility for:

- Capital markets activities
- Liquidity and cash management operations
- Stock Administration
- Insurance and risk management
- Business resiliency and continuity
- Physical safety & security
- Technology architectures and standards
- Compliance, governance and controls

In his role as Cisco's executive sponsor for several key Fortune 100 customers, Roger plays a pivotal role in fostering strategic relationships. He also maintains active engagement with Cisco shareholders, acts as a fiduciary for the company's defined contribution plan, and spearheads the investments of the Cisco Foundation.

Roger is deeply committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, with a specific focus on addressing issues related to extremely low-income housing and homelessness in the Bay Area. Roger serves on boards of Destination: Home, the Diocese of San Jose, Wasabi Technologies, and D-Wave Systems.

Prior to joining Cisco in 1999, Roger held senior financial markets positions in the areas of fixed income, equity, foreign exchange, and derivatives with major global financial institutions including the Royal Bank of Canada, Banque Paribas and Lehman Brothers in New York, London, Paris and San Francisco. Roger holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of San Francisco.