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High quality quantum random paired with patented algorithms and peer-reviewed encryption techniques. Attackers, hackers, and prying eyes get nothing. And they never will.

How we enable everlasting encryption.

True quantum random is the secure foundation of all of our technology. Combined with advanced techniques and algorithms, applications built with the Qrypt SDK can become quantum-secure.

Entropy Generation

We host multiple quantum random number generators based on quantum measurements. The REST API gives you access to a pipeline of unmatched technology from respected national labs.

BLAST Algorithm

Developed by our world-leading Chief Cryptographer, Yevgeniy Dodis, BLAST is a peer reviewed algorithm that generates identical keys at multiple endpoints.

Post-Quantum Cryptography

NIST is standardizing quantum-safe asymmetric algorithms. We use the Kyber and FrodoKEM candidates in our protocols, and have overcome practical adoption of One-Time Pad with BLAST.

Double Ratchet

Our patented key rotation technology provides messaging with perfect forward and backward secrecy as well as post-compromise recovery

Quantum-secure products. Permanent protection.


Businesses need secure encryption and secure encryption needs high entropy random numbers. We offer Entropy with an easy to use REST API, providing high rate quantum random numbers.

Key Generation

Businesses need to protect against the future quantum threat, and never distribute encryption keys that can be intercepted. We offer a service to generate identical keys at multiple endpoints.

Qrypt SDK

Developers need familiar tools based on modern development practices. We provide an SDK that can be easily integrated to applications and infrastructure to make them quantum-secure.


See what it’s like to be quantum-secure.

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