Safeguard your enterprise data with quantum-secure encryption

Protect your privacy now and forever. Remove the risk of data harvesting today.

Stop transmitting encryption keys

If you don’t eliminate key transmission, you don’t eliminate the risk of harvest now, decrypt later (HNDL) – even with NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography.

Be Quantum-Secure, today

Deploy now

Drop in a container or SDK; 4-lines of code to start. Globally on-demand, on-premises, or on any device. Cost-effective without dedicated hardware requirements.

Key generation without transmission

Generate identical keys at multiple endpoints. No transmission. Zero interception possibility.

Viable one-time pad encryption

Mathematically proven unbreakable and future-proofed. No more fail and replace.

Quantum random numbers

High-output quantum random number generator (QRNG) cloud, with a roadmap of multiple source types, manufactured in and based in the United States.

Solutions based on Qrypt are Quantum-Secure

Exceed national security mandates

Enables government solution providers to offer quantum-secure workflows that eliminate transmission of encryption keys.

Protect against IP theft

Stay safe from sophisticated nation-state actors that target pharma, chemical, and other industries for gain.

Remediate quantum risk today

Eliminate cost, distance limitations, and difficulties associated with quantum key distribution (QKD) solutions.

Achieve true agility

Eliminate the cost, effort, and vulnerabilities of fail and replace strategies with future-proofed encryption.

Secure remote data scenarios

Quantum secure disaster recovery, cold-storage, and data loss prevention with zero key transmission risk and zero harvest and decrypt risk.

Safeguard data for longevity

Quantum encrypt long-term intelligence data, such as biometric markers, covert intelligence asset identities, Social Security IDs, and weapon designs.

Quantum-Secure services for data at rest and in motion

Quantum Entropy

Businesses need secure encryption and secure encryption needs high entropy random numbers. We offer Entropy with an easy to use REST API, providing high rate quantum random numbers.

Key Generation

Businesses need to protect against the future quantum threat, and never distribute encryption keys that can be intercepted. We offer a service to generate identical keys at multiple endpoints

Qrypt SDK

Developers need familiar tools based on modern development practices. We provide an SDK that can be easily integrated to applications and infrastructure to make them quantum-secure.