Quantum-Enhanced Security:
Qrypt & Thales Luna HSM

Fortify your Thales Luna HSM with Qrypt Quantum-Enhanced Security
Qrypt augments Thales Luna HSMs with an additional layer of security by enhancing all cryptographic operations with true high quality Quantum Entropy. With the evolving landscape of cyberthreats, ensure you are quantum secure for the future.


With seamless integration into Thales Luna HSMs via PKCS#11, Qrypt’s Quantum Entropy can improve the quality and security of all cryptographic keys. Qrypt leverages unique QRNGs built with partnerships with the most trusted national laboratories to provide the highest quality true random entropy.



Why Use Qrypt Quantum Entropy?

Not all cryptographic solutions, including HSMs, are using true quantum entropy today. You can immediately improve your security posture by leveraging Qrypt’s Entropy to provide an unlimited entropy source to your key generation, management, and other security solutions. Additionally, Qrypt EaaS ( Entropy as a service) can be a more cost-effective and scalable solution than deploying on-premises QRNGs or upgrading existing hardware.


Learn more about Qrypt’s Thales Luna HSMs Enhanced Security here.


Or how to deploy Qrypt via PKSC11 here.


To learn more about Qrypt’s quantum entropy and how it can enhance your Thales Luna HSM, contact our sales team at sales@qrypt.com.


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