Federal Resilience

Qrypt's Quantum Security for Unyielding Cyber Protection

Federal and Critical infrastructure sensitive data is being targeted and harvested by adversaries. To combat this growing threat, known as “harvest now, decrypt later” (HNDL), the Qrypt quantum-secure encryption solution in exclusive partnership with the most renowned labs in the industry, including Oak Ridge National Lab and Los Alamos National Lab.

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Qrypt stands as a trusted partner for federal agencies, committed to delivering tailored cybersecurity solutions that address the unique challenges inherent in government operations. Our cutting-edge cryptographic technology seamlessly integrates into federal infrastructure, safeguarding sensitive data and communications with a focus on the confidentiality and integrity demanded by federal standards.

To counter the evolving landscape of quantum threats, Qrypt offers next-generation encryption technologies leveraging quantum-secure algorithms and protocols. Our solutions not only exceed national security mandates but also align with federal nomenclature, meeting standards such as NIST, H.R. 7535, NSM-8, and NSM-10. As adversaries harvest vast amounts of data daily, Qrypt's proactive approach ensures that intercepted data remains useless, even in the face of quantum computing advancements.

Seamless Integration

Recognizing the importance of seamless integration, Qrypt provides comprehensive support, minimizing disruption to federal operations. Our connectors and integrations with global cybersecurity firms further enhance the adaptability of our solutions, reinforcing federal agencies' cybersecurity posture.

Qrypt use cases for Fed

    • Qrypt’s quantum-secure solutions fortify zero-trust architecture, ensuring confidential data remains protected even within inherently untrusted environments.


Use case: Implementing Qrypt to enhance encryption layers within zero-trust frameworks, securing sensitive communications and data access.

Zero Trust Architecture Enhancement

Qrypt’s technology is able to seamlessly integrate with AI systems, providing quantum-resistant encryption to protect AI-generated insights and sensitive data.


Use case: Safeguarding federal AI models and algorithms against potential attacks, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of critical information.

AI Security Integration

Qrypt contributes to cryptographic modernization efforts for warfighters by deploying quantum-secure algorithms, ensuring the confidentiality of military communications and strategies.


Use case: Upgrading cryptographic protocols in military networks to resist quantum threats, bolstering the security of warfighter communications.

Cryptographic Modernization for the Warfighter

Quantum-resistant encryption safeguards critical infrastructure systems from cyber threats, aligning with federal mandates for securing essential services.


Use case: Applying Qrypt’s solutions to protect control systems in critical infrastructure, preventing unauthorized access and potential disruptions.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Qrypt’s quantum-secure technology addresses federal requirements for protecting sensitive data systems, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of classified information.


Use case: Enhancing the security of federal databases and information repositories, safeguarding sensitive data against quantum threats.

Sensitive Data Systems for National & Citizen Security

Qrypt’s quantum encryption plays a pivotal role in securing communication channels for national defense, aligning with federal security standards.


Use case: Implementing Qrypt’s solutions to ensure confidential communication among defense agencies, protecting critical defense-related information.

Secure Communication in National Security Threats

Qrypt’s technology contributes to federal requirements for securing financial transactions, preventing potential cyber threats in financial systems.


Use case: Enhancing the security of federal financial networks and transactions, protecting against quantum-based attacks on financial data.

Secure Financial Transactions

Qrypt’s dQKD implementation strengthens federal networks, providing a secure key exchange mechanism to enhance overall network security.


Use case: Integrating dQKD into federal systems to establish secure communication channels, aligning with federal security and encryption standards.

Digital Quantum Key Distribution for Secure Networks


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