Quantum Entropy

Quantum randomness, on-demand, at scale.

Quantum-generated random numbers to improve key security and eliminate entropy starvation.

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Not all random is equal.

Only physical measurements of quantum phenomena contain provable entropy for generating random numbers. Other sources are a weak substitute.

Not all sources are peer-reviewed.

Claims of randomness are not good enough, and NIST advises against using statistical test suites (STS) to prove randomness.

Use Cases

Bootstrapping statistical analysis

Encryption key generation

Seeding Monte Carlo simulations

Information theoretical secure one-time pad creation

Increase unpredictability and variability in gaming

Synthetic data for AI and ML applications


Create secure cryptographic keys

Source true random and eliminate predictable or guessable cryptographic keys.

Remediates entropy starvation for highly scalable systems

Available through Qrypt API and integrated into rng-tools and able to meet the demands of highly scalable solutions.

Qrypt publishes detailed disclosures on our QRNGs’ operation

Calculations and physical details of the min-entropy analysis are available for review.

Advanced Roadmap of multiple quantum source types

Multiple sources protect against unknown failures - making any single source type impossible to characterize.


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