Qrypt Appoints Christopher Moretti to Board of Advisors

Qrypt Appoints Christopher Moretti to Board of Advisors


NEW YORK — August 30, 2023 — Qrypt, the pioneering quantum-secure encryption company, today announced Christopher Moretti, vice president of global technology and cloud transformation at Evernorth Health Services, a division of The Cigna Group, is joining Qrypt’s esteemed board of advisors (BoA). With over 25 years of extensive experience in healthcare, financial services, business and information technology (IT) leadership, Moretti brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in promoting data privacy and safeguarding critical sectors, including healthcare and banking, from the ever-evolving cybersecurity threat landscape.


Over the past decade, Moretti has demonstrated exceptional executive leadership at Evernorth, where he plays a crucial role in directing the company’s global engineering and infrastructure services. This includes executive supervision of security engineering, information management and cloud transformation initiatives. Prior to his tenure at Evernorth, Moretti held the position of Managing Director of Global Networks at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and held executive leadership roles during his 14-year career at General Electric and its subsidiaries, supporting insurance, consumer and commercial banking sectors. Additionally, Moretti serves as a board member and co-chair of ONUG, a collective voice of IT executives from the largest global public companies.


“With the emergence of cutting-edge technologies such as generative AI and quantum computing in industries handling personal and sensitive data, it has become evident the time for disruption in data security practices is now,” stated Moretti. “Qrypt, with its strong leadership, vision and highly respected research partnerships, is at the forefront of security innovation, protecting data from current and future threats with advanced data processing techniques. By joining Qrypt’s board, I am eager to lend my enterprise expertise to address urgent and critical data security concerns in healthcare and beyond.”

Critical infrastructure sectors, such as healthcare, financial services, government, telecommunications and manufacturing, all handle sensitive data that is targeted and harvested by adversaries. Encryption methods used today to protect this data will be rendered ineffective against quantum computing, allowing adversaries to decrypt this highly valuable information and exploit it in the future. To combat this growing threat, known asharvest now, decrypt later” (HNDL), Qrypt has developed a proven, unbreakable quantum-secure encryption solution in exclusive partnership with the most renowned labs in the industry, including Oak Ridge National Lab, Los Alamos National Lab and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). This revolutionary encryption solution eliminates the key transmission process used in traditional encryption methods, ensuring enhanced data protection.


“Christopher Moretti is the perfect addition to the Qrypt advisory board,” said Kevin Chalker, CEO and co-founder of Qrypt. “With his outstanding 25-year IT career dedicated to the mission of securing the world’s data, Chris will play an integral role in educating the healthcare and broader IT communities about the urgency of the quantum threat, while also assisting in aligning quantum security as a strategic focus for IT.”


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Qrypt protects against the quantum threat through the seamless integration of quantum entropy hardware with cryptographic key generation software. When traditional encryption algorithms become obsolete, every byte of harvested data will be exposed. Qrypt eliminates “harvest now, decrypt later” (HNDL) risk and guarantees data privacy with its revolutionary peer-reviewed encryption technology. Available as-a-service, on-premises, or on any device. For more information and to learn more about Qrypt, visit www.qrypt.com.


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