Qrypt Deploys New US-Designed and Manufactured Quantum Random Number Generator


Cloud-based Quantum Entropy for Security Infrastructure is now available, based on technology exclusively licensed and collaboratively developed with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)


NEW YORK, February 01, 2023 – Today, Qrypt, which offers the only solution to remove encryption keys from transmission, announces the launch of its new US-developed, sourced, and hosted QRNG as part of its Quantum Entropy cloud service. This quantum entropy will both support Qrypt’s software services and is available directly to customers for use with their existing infrastructure, directly with a REST API or with integrations for HashiCorp Vault and rngd. US-based Qrypt’s novel QRNGs were developed in partnership with the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the world’s premier research institution empowering leaders and teams to pursue breakthroughs, particularly in quantum research, in an environment characterized by operational excellence and collaboration with industry.


In the absence of actual randomness, current random number generators can be tampered with, characterized, or predicted by powerful computers used by foreign nation-states and those with access to increasingly capable machine learning tools. US companies can easily improve key security, which is based on bad randomness, through Qrypt’s Quantum Entropy service. US companies must follow suit, equipping themselves with the most secure, robust post-quantum cryptography, like the technologies offered by Qrypt, to protect our nation from foreign data hacks. Qrypt’s release of its QRNG, which is used as source random for its popular Quantum Entropy service, expands its entropy offerings, increasing its solutions for random number generation.


“Quantum measurements are the only true source of random,” said Qrypt CTO Denis Mandich. “We developed and manufactured our latest Quantum Random Number Generator completely in the US, so American companies don’t need to worry about adversaries tampering in the supply chain with their entropy. If you’re interested in how our latest QRNG generates entropy – using quantum fluctuations of optical signals – reach out, and we’ll share more.”


ORNL delivers scientific discoveries and technical breakthroughs needed to realize solutions in energy and national security and provide economic benefit to the nation. Qrypt’s collaboration with the lab demonstrates how Qrypt’s new QRNG can increase quantum randomness of its cloud services and products. Further, ORNL’s expertise in quantum information science bolsters Qrypt’s QRNG as a vital component for cybersecurity for US-based companies, as any encryption based on bad random numbers is at risk of being broken – regardless of how strong the algorithm is.


“The collaboration between Qrypt and ORNL’s Quantum Information Science section resulted in a new Quantum Random Number Generator designed for cybersecurity applications,” said Brian Williams, a research scientist at ORNL.


Qrypt Quantum Entropy provides the foundation for the industry’s only Quantum Key Generation solution. Eliminating key transmission is the basis of eradicating risk. Qrypt Quantum Key Generation independently generates identical encryption keys at multiple endpoints over any distance, eliminating key transmission entirely and rendering harvested data safe from future quantum attacks. In addition, multiple quantum random number source types are essential to prevent the possibility of characterization and stop common attacks on non-quantum and single-sourced random number generators.


About Qrypt: Qrypt’s mission is to protect the world’s data. Ending encryption key transmission, the Qrypt Quantum Security suite hardens security and future-proofs encryption against quantum attacks. Qrypt’s unique technology independently generates one-time pads and symmetric keys at multiple endpoints, so you can eliminate key transmissions from critical workflows today. Qrypt’s team of engineers, physicists, and cryptographers is committed to creating a new standard in security. For more information, visit www.qrypt.com.


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