Celebrating World Quantum Day 2022

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Celebrating World Quantum Day 2022

In a world where technology companies are implementing recruitment programs left and right, and labor shortages abound, today, in honor of #WorldQuantumDay, we shine a spotlight on women who are considering a career in quantum sciences.


While the goal of today is to promote awareness of quantum science and the impact new quantum technologies will have on the future we at Qrypt, would like to share with those that are curious about this industry an outstanding organization, Women in Quantum. Have you been hearing about quantum computing and are curious what it is, but don’t know where to start? For those women looking to take the next step, or navigating their current career, the mentor program through WIQ is a terrific resource. 


Sign up here: https://onequantum.org/wiq-mentoring/


Additionally, we’d like to highlight stories about the impact several women have had in making quantum advancements in our world. Find some inspiration from those who are paving the way in these interviews which is the Women in Quantum YouTube Channel.  Thanks to the President of Women in Quantum, Denise Ruffner, for sharing this new resource.


So on this day, April 14th, get involved. Spread the word to advance awareness, especially among women, and encourage them to consider the rewarding, innovative and exciting quantum world!


Oh, and for all the men out there, join in!