Why is Qrypt's Quantum Key Generation (QKG) a pertinent solution now, and how does it complement NIST PQC in mitigating quantum threats?

Qrypt’s Quantum Key Generation (QKG) addresses the imminent threat posed by quantum computing and particularly ‘harvest now, decrypt later’ (HNDL) attacks by enabling the generation of encryption keys without transmission. This method ensures that even if future quantum computers can break current encryption, the keys cannot be harvested and used for decryption. While NIST PQC provides a framework for future-proof cryptographic standards, QKG offers an immediate solution to safeguard data during the transition to these standards. By avoiding key transmission, QKG nullifies the risk of interception and future decryption, providing a robust and complementary layer of security alongside NIST PQC. Thus, implementing Qrypt now ensures that data remains secure during the gradual adoption and implementation of NIST PQC standards.


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