Remembering 9/11

Kevin Chalker
Blog Post

On the eve of the 21st anniversary of 9/11, we reflect on the friends and family we’ve lost since the 2001 attacks. We honor the first responders who rushed in to save many and the losses they suffered. We unequivocally support the military, intelligence, and defense members and their families serving in the decades since 9/11. They fight visible and covert battles to keep us safe at home.


Qrypt’s headquarters are in One World Trade Center, and we can observe the memorial on our way to work. It remains poignant every single day. The mission-critical mindset inspired me to move our offices to One WTC in the first place. Those same motivations have translated over to Qrypt’s no-fail mission approach to redefining how data should be encrypted in the future.


The Qrypt team is focused on digital threats and our nation’s cybersecurity mission to protect our people and livelihood. Post 9/11, the rise in cyber-attacks has grown exponentially, and the list of targets is far beyond buildings. Now we are under attack in less visible ways. The damage to our economy, through loss of intellectual property, personal data, and critical secrets, is enormous – and impacts us all.


So, the fight goes on.


There are many ways to get involved, and all of us can do something. Like us, we hope you take a moment to reflect, and if you can, think about a small act of service, sharing a little kindness, or other ways to recapture that spirit of unity that followed 9/11.