Qrypt Partners with Los Alamos National Labs to Advance Quantum Random Number Generation Technology

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Qrypt's Completion of CRADA with LANL Marks a Milestone in Quantum Randomness for Enhanced Security

NEW YORK – December 7, 2023 – Qrypt, the pioneering quantum-secure encryption company, has completed its Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Los Alamos National Labs (LANL) to develop Qrypt’s state-of-the-art Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG). This technology enables Qrypt’s cloud-based Quantum Entropy and Quantum Key Generation services with true quantum randomness to deliver reliable cryptographic security at scale, protecting data from the threat of quantum computing.


In digital security, the strength of encryption heavily relies on the unpredictability of random numbers. Traditional methods of generating them often fall short, producing patterns or other underlying structure. Sophisticated algorithms can eventually reveal the patterns and compromise sensitive information like personal data or intellectual property.


Qrypt Quantum Entropy Service


Qrypt addresses this data vulnerability by harnessing the inherent unpredictability of quantum mechanics to produce truly unpredictable random numbers. Qrypt’s Quantum Entropy service delivers high-quality entropy to Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and key management systems, ensuring the production of secure encryption keys. This quantum-derived entropy is also integral to Qrypt’s own quantum-secure encryption solutions, providing an additional layer of security designed to meet the challenges of current and future cryptographic needs.


“The successful completion of our CRADA with LANL is a pivotal step ensuring the security guarantees of encryption through genuine quantum randomness,” said Denis Mandich, chief technology officer and co-founder, Qrypt. “Our collaboration is enhancing the foundation of cryptographic systems by addressing the critical need for unpredictable random number generation, while also showcasing our commitment to transparency through the open scientific peer-review process.”


The Qrypt-LANL Quantum Breakthrough


In collaboration with Los Alamos National Labs (LANL), Qrypt harnesses photon bunching to advance provable QRNG. This group’s technique meticulously filters out classical noise, isolating the quantum effect essential for determining the system’s minimum entropy—a cornerstone for generating truly unpredictable numbers. By disclosing min-entropy values, Qrypt ensures trust and verifiability distinctive in the field of quantum randomness. Leveraging this technology, Qrypt has reached a data rate of 1.5 Gbps and is actively developing strategies to boost this to 3 Gbps and ultimately 6 Gbps. These advancements are crucial for enhancing Qrypt’s Quantum Entropy and Key Generation services, which are central to its comprehensive quantum-secure solutions.


“Los Alamos National Laboratory applies cutting edge science and technology to address critical national security challenges. Our partnership with Qrypt has taken quantum science from exploratory research in the laboratory to commercial products ready to use,” said Dr. Raymond Newell, senior scientist at Los Alamos. “This technology leverages the irreducible randomness of quantum processes to provide unparalleled security assurances. By building our cryptography systems upon the solid foundation of physical laws, Los Alamos and Qrypt are able to offer unique solutions to emerging cybersecurity threats, both classical and quantum.”


Qrypt partners with leading research labs to develop its quantum-secure solutions. In February 2023, Qrypt also announced the successful deployment of cloud-based, U.S.-designed and manufactured QRNG developed in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).


To learn more about Qrypt’s partnership with LANL, visit Qrypt’s blog. To learn more about Qrypt’s offerings, visit www.qrypt.com.


About Qrypt


Qrypt protects against the quantum threat through the seamless integration of quantum entropy hardware with cryptographic key generation software. When traditional encryption algorithms become obsolete, every byte of harvested data will be exposed. Qrypt eliminates “harvest now, decrypt later” (HNDL) risk and guarantees data privacy with its revolutionary peer-reviewed encryption technology. Available as-a-service, on-premises, or on any device. For more information and to learn more about Qrypt, visit www.qrypt.com.


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