Key Generation

Generate identical encryption keys at multiple endpoints, without ever having to distribute them.

Never Distributed. Always Protected.

Future quantum computers will be able to decrypt the asymmetric algorithms that the internet relies on for key exchange. Bad actors know this and have already begun to intercept and harvest encrypted data, and are storing it for the future when they will be able to decrypt it. The solution is simple – don’t ever distribute encryption keys, so that they can’t be harvested.

We have enabled a novel approach to key generation. Rather than generating a key and then distributing it, you can generate the same identical key in multiple locations. This means that you don’t need to distribute your keys at all - they’re never at risk. Developers can easily download and include the Qrypt SDK in their application, and be quantum-safe.

The only safe quantum key generation service available

True Random

Random binary digits are extracted from unpredictable quantum measurements to use as seeds, resulting in stronger keys.

Simple Deployment

Developers can download and include the Qrypt SDK to increase the security of their applications and infrastructure.

Always Protected

The harvest now and decrypt later with a quantum computer attack is no longer possible, as eavesdroppers never have access to the keys.

Quantum Safe

Algorithms in the NIST candidate process are used to coordinate key generation, but never for the distribution of keys.


Get security without an expiration date.