Streaming random numbers based on high fidelity quantum measurements.

Real random. Really scalable.

The universe is quantum and entropy is everywhere, but it’s difficult to use quantum measurements to properly generate random numbers. Encryption can only be safe if it's based on well-engineered quantum sources, and the extraction techniques must be peer-reviewed and in scientific journals, not company brochures.

We leverage multiple quantum random number generators (QRNG) that measure quantum effects and convert them to unpredictable random numbers. Entropy is available on-demand via an easy to use REST API, ensuring absolute privacy anywhere the internet reaches.

The highest quality entropy service available

True Random

Random binary digits are extracted from unpredictable quantum measurements, unlike pseudo-random generators which are deterministic.

Simple Deployment

Developers can leverage a familiar REST API to increase the security of any encryption solution

Advanced Technology

Sources in production and the roadmap are based on multiple quantum measurement types with technology from respected research institutions


Get security without an expiration date.